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Kabul Girls Photo

It is also the capital of Kabul province, located in the eastern part of Afghanistan. According to 2011 official estimates, the population of 3.9 million people Kabul metropolitan area.

Kabul Beautiful Girls Photo

Kabul is currently in a period of innovation and development, with some apartment buildings of modern style and a handful of glitzy malls that appear in recent years. However, roads and other infrastructure are in poor condition, and electricity is erratic, even in urban areas.

Kabul Beautiful Girls Photo

Kabul Food is an integral part of the culture f Kabul. People love different types of food. You can eat whatever you want if you can find almost anywhere kebab stand. There are many restaurants that Afghan and foreign cuisine. Kabul Afghan Traditional cuisine is delicious.

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Kabul Beautiful Girls Photo

Culture in Kabul shows that the issue is mainly drawn from the theater of everyday life. Western influence is visible. But only the European classics are determined. The Kandahar is renowned theaters, heart, etc. In the field of dance music and traditional songs and dances are increasingly important, along with Indian and Western music.

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